Building a just society by developing tenacious learners, compassionate leaders, and ethically-driven critical-thinkers.


Our work.

 Make a Chess Move disrupts the school to prison pipeline by developing tenacious learners, compassionate leaders, and ethically driven critical thinkers. Through the game of chess, MACM has designed a research-based curriculum that identifies and targets positive youth protective factors and the reduction of youth risk factors. The curriculum is delivered to youth ages 8-24 with an emphasis on developing staff and young leaders from program participants.

Developing Tenacious Learners
Increasing School Engagement

There is an abundance of research that shows how the school-to-jail track begins with school disengagement. Make a Chess Move is making moves to prevent that early.

Developing Compassionate Leaders
Reducing Youth

Most youth violence experts agree that youth violence prevention requires increasing certain protective factors and reducing certain risk factors in the lives of individual youth.

Developing Ethically Driven Critical-Thinkers
Challenging the
Teen Brain

MACM builds positive social change by starting from the grassroots - changing the way young people make decisions. We challenge them to step up as leaders in their community. 

The Virtual Art of Storytelling

Starting the week of April 20, 2020, Make A Chess Move presents TheVirtual Art Of Story Tellin’. 


Click the link below to join at 3pm every Monday-Friday. You don’t have to just listen, you can actually engage in the conversation. 

Make a Chess Move 2021 Summer Wiggle

LIVE Info Session:

Tuesday, May 25 at 3pm

Make A Chess Move Presents: What is?

MAChessM, MACompassionateM, MACompetitiveM, MACareerM



Summer Program Deets:

Monday - Friday + Safe ZONE Saturdays

Rising Programming: 9am - 12pm

Afternoon Programming: 4pm - 7pm

ask about our "Paid INTERNSHIPS"

For more info or to sign up contact Omni Benjamin at 



Northeast Denver has once again become the focal point for street violence. While news coverage addresses the challenging efforts to intervene in this violence, MACM is about preventing this violence.


MACM was conceived by and is run by a dream team of grassroots young leaders whose inspirational lives and engaging youth training programs are in demand by not only youth but schools, libraries, recreation centers, and organizations that serve them.


youth served in 2019


of youth faciliators are on track to graduate


schools served


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