Our Team


Phillip Douglas


MACM is lead by Phillip Douglas. Phillip has been working with youth in Northeast Denver since he was a 14-year-old freshman at Manual High School. In 1998, he became involved with a local youth development nonprofit organization, YouthBiz, where he served as a youth leader and facilitator before becoming a full-time staff member. Phillip has 20 years of experience working with youth that share many of the struggles he experienced growing up in the neighborhood.

At the core of MACM is a team of youth leaders and program facilitators who have grown up in the neighborhoods and attend the schools served by the organization. These young people's lives have been saturated with the systemic injustices that threaten the fulfillment of the American Dream and compromise the promise of just society.


However, their intelligence, compassion, and grit have somehow survived. Their lived experiences reflect the harsh realities and barriers that exist for many young people in Northeast Denver. They have attended too many funerals, seen too many friends leave school before graduation, and have experienced the sting of jail doors slamming shut. They know the school-to-jail track because they were on it. These realities have torn families apart, caused deep grief for communities, and have created generational wounds. This track is getting increasingly crowded and must be disrupted if our youth and communities are ever to make progress toward a just society.

Although MACM's founder Phillip Douglas, performed well in school, his academic success was not enough to keep him off the school-to-prison pipeline. The critical thinking skills developed in school are not sufficient to overpower the multiple risk factors youth face on a daily basis. Too many young people of color share this same experience. 


Board of Directors

Cinque McKinney, Board Chair

Attorney Denver Human Services


Tutu Mulatu, Treasurer 


Cate Croft, Secretary

Founder, The Kin Collective 


Nicholas Dawkins

Former Principal, Manual High School 

April Denmon

Founder, Denmon Realty

Shay Johnson

Creative Director, Black Business Initiative; Founder, CTN Media; Communication Co-Chair, NAACP Denver


Antoinette Massey

Founder & Executive Director, JEKL Foundation for STEAM Education