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Our Team

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Mark Johnathan Hill II​ "MJ"

Lead In School Facilitator, Lead Chess Bully

Mark Johnathan Hill II. Mark Johnathan Hill II or MJ for short (22 years old) 
"Originally from Florida but Colorado is my second home"! Mark has been with MACM since 2014 and is a Lead Facilitator. Mark graduated from Denver School of Science and Technology. MACM had contributed to my being able to be in a long distance relationship while also upgrading my life. Mark is fortunate enough to have both of my biological parents in my life. "My mother who I call my first love, is exactly that, A beautiful strong minded individual who loves unconditionally. My father, a provider, protector and professor of his faith and love". Honored to have taken qualities from both  parents which he says include being respectful, attentive, protective, loving, and strong and I use them all for the work we do with the youth. Because of this, "I’ve learned to always think 3 moves ahead to ensure I make every move with purpose. This is why I love working with youth, because it’s never too late to reteach common sense, and the work we do has changed many lives and will continue to change lives"! Oh and he  also loves potatoes.. like LOVES!

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Aaron Smith "AJ "

Lead Out of School Facilitator, Program Coordinator

Aaron Smith, as a Lead Facilitator and OST Specialist here at MACM strives to make an impact in the community. Being born and raised in Denver Colorado, Aaron was able to experience different community programs that have developed and diminished throughout the East Denver community, therefore, has seen the necessary results and impacts from an organization from the past, similar to MACM. Aaron recently graduated from Metropolitan State University with a bachelors in Sport Management. As an alumni of both Whittier K-8 and Denver School of Science and Technology: Montview. A huge highlight of Aaron’s experience in MACM programming has been from 2015 when as a part of a group of youth facilitators, they were able to share their knowledge of chess and life at the Hiawatha Davis Recreation Center with the youth in that community. “One of my current goals is to bring back the sense of hope for all families that need it. In life similar to chess we move based on how we strategize and value everything in our lives. If we could apply that small part of values to the future youth, their potential would be limitless.”

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Oujaa Brown

 Lead Facilitator, Executive Assistant and Workshop Coordinator

Oujaa Brown, our Workshop Coordinator and organizer, Administrative Assistant, as well as Graphic Designer has been with us for almost two years.  Because she has completed MACM’s summer programs every summer, she is also a very experienced Lead Facilitator. Oujaa is currently in her second year of college at Houston Community College , majoring in Nursing.  Although this is the longest consecutive time that she’s worked for MACM, she has been here from the very beginning. MACM created the opportunity for Oujaa to develop numerous lifelong skills, such as communication, and leadership skills.

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EnRanique Anderson

CaseWorker / Lead Facilitator

Enra Anderson is MACM’s Lead Case Manager and Facilitator. She is a 24-year-old native born  who has her BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado Denver, and currently pursuing her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Walden University. Growing up she attended  Whittier K-8 from ECE to 8th grade and then graduated from East High School. Enra is passionate about mental health and spreading awareness of the importance of it, especially within  the Black Community. She plans on opening her own private practice and servicing her  community, offering therapy to adolescents and family dynamics. In the meantime, Enra is working towards getting her workshop MakeAConsciousMove up and running to be offered as  another one of MACM’s amazing programs. She is excited about contributing to the wellness of  our students served, and helping break generational curses.


Mahagani Jenkins

Administrative Assistant / Co Facilitator

Mahagani Jenkins, Administrative Assistant / MACM Co Facilitator, a proud Colorado native, has deep roots in her community. Having attended Whittier Elementary, Hallett Academy, and graduated from East High School, she has a strong connection to Denver. Her childhood was enriched by participation in summer camps, community events, and local boys and girls clubs.

Mahagani's passion for working with youth is evident in her diverse roles, which include working at summer camps, after-school programs, and providing childcare for community meetings. She actively engages in volunteer activities and supports nonprofit organizations dedicated to youth development.
With her wealth of experience and dedication to empowering young people, Mahagani Jenkins is a valuable asset to the MACM team and our community.


Omni Benjamin

HR Director / Co Facilitator

Omni Benjamin, a native of Denver CO has watched the birth of MACM since the beginning in 2011, in 2020 "I was blessed with the opportunity to join MACM" as the Operations Coordinator in June with the impact of COVID-19. Currently leading MACM's HR Department and  implementing Financial Goals Budgeting Omni brings a wide range of policy and structure to the MACM team with over 15 years of corporate experience and 5 years of account management, Omni's goal is to help empower and develop financial freedom in our community.


Demetrious Jenkins

Program Manger

Demetrious Jenkins is a Colorado native.  He attended schools such as Mitchell Elementary, Cole Jr. High School, and Manual High School.  He earned his Bachelor's Degree at Nebraska Wesleyan University in 1998'.  He is an active community member and has a passion for working with youth.  He is a coach, father, and mentor.  Mr. Jenkins has worked in the Non-Profit sector for more that 20+ years.  Mr. Jenkins currently serves as the Program Manager at MACM.  His work with MACM began in April 2023.


Phillip Douglas 

 Founder / Executive Director / Lead Facilitator

MACM is lead by Phillip Douglas. Phillip has been working with youth in Northeast Denver since he was a 14-year-old freshman at Manual High School. In 1998, he became involved with a local youth development nonprofit organization, where he served as a youth leader and facilitator before becoming a full-time staff member. Phillip has 20 years of experience working with youth that share many of the struggles he experienced growing up in the neighborhood.

Although MACM's founder Phillip Douglas, performed well in school, his academic success was not enough to keep him off the school-to-prison pipeline. The critical thinking skills developed in school are not sufficient to overpower the multiple risk factors youth face on a daily basis. Too many young people of color share this same experience.

Board of Directors

Ashlee Wedgeworth, Interim Board Chair


Urban League Young Professionals 

Norma Benjamin, Treasurer 

Retired Educator

Tenishia Jones, Secretary

Batch Operations

FAST Enterprises INC.

Samantha Lobato, Board Member

Candidate for Juris Doctor, May 2025

Roger Williams University School of Law 


Orchester Benjamin, Board Member

Retired Entrepreneur

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