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VAST: The Virtual Art of Story Tellin'

The Virtual Art of Story Tellin’ is a guest speaker series of community members who look like our youth and come from the same struggles as our youth; these guests share their stories of choices that they made that made them. If we have youth that want to go into graphic designing and we have a guest speaker who is a graphic designer, we make those connections.


VAST runs Tuesdays - Thursdays at 7pm MST


Make A Culture Move Podcast

Here at MACM, we have focused on encouraging the youth to think multiple moves ahead in life, as they would in the game of chess. On our podcast, we will acknowledge things that have disrupted and infected our communities, then speak on ACTIONS we can take to ensure we break these cycles. All for black empowerment, all against black destruction!


MACultureMove Podcast runs Mondays and Fridays at 1pm 

Top of the Top with King Phillip

We are looking at the destructive behaviors within the black and brown community that nobody is saying absolutely NOTHING about. Not only are these behaviors and code of ethics dangerous, but they are also deadly. We are solution-oriented.


Runs Thursdays before 8am

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